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Ufc site index mlb home scores standings schedules stats teams players transactions injuries rumors power rankings   bloggers: c. canada pharmacy online viagra Trent rosecrans dayn perry matt snyder subscribe: scientific evidence: cubs fans are filthy by dayn perry | blogger 11:47 am et october 06, 2012   cubs fans tend not to take a necessary step after using this. (ufe. Com) this being the postseason, we're not wont to talk about the cubs. viagra canada But what follows cannot be overlooked. can buy viagra nz According to a study by ufe. Com -- acronym for the wondrous turn of phrase "urine feces everywhere" -- fans at wrigely field are the least hygienic of all. buy viagra usa online Chicagoist explains the methodology and stomach-turning results: the survey looked at 79 different criteria, with a major focus on the restroom habits of men and women at the ballpark and laid much of the blame for the wrigley score on the pee troughs in the men's restrooms. viagra no prescription usa Ufe. Com determined that, for every c men who sidled up to the troughs, 79 of them left without washing their hands. That's a lot of hands with potentially harmful bacteria passing beers, pretzels and hot dogs down the grandstands. viagra no prescription As noted within, the handwashing-station-to-urinal ratio in wrigley men's rooms is woefully low -- "third world" low, even. This might explain the reluctance of some wrigley-goers to, you know, take the basic steps to avoid sepsis. What should further trouble cubs fans is that their loathed enemies down i-55, the cardinals, boast fans who are so sparklingly clean that they could, upon exiting the can, immediately and safely perform invasive thoracic surgery. True fact! Let me add a harrowing personal anecdote about crosstown u. S. Cellular field. There, i once witnessed a gentleman exit a stall, in which he had been seated and presumably doing what one does when seated upon the throne, while unabashedly noshing on a reuben sandwich. viagra online free viagra I pondered making a citizen's arrest but instead decided his conga line of life choices would yield punishment enough. viagra samples U. can buy viagra nz S. Cellular field, it should be not. is it illegal to buy viagra online Contactar: mail